Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Latex anaphylaxis occurs in patients with spina bifida

A 6-year-old girl with spina bifida is admitted to the intensive care unit because of rapidly progressive
swelling of her lips, wheezing,and stridor. She had been playing with balloons at a birthday party.


Which of the following is themost likely diagnosis?

a. Food anaphylaxis
b. Latex anaphylaxis
c. Severe drug allergy
d. Exercise-related anaphylaxis
e. Idiopathic anaphylaxis

The answer is b: Latex anaphylaxis occurs in patients with spina bifida or with congenital urologic defects who have undergone repetitive surgeries. Other groups at risk include employees of rubber manufacturers and health care workers. The diagnosis is confirmed by prick skin testing for IgE to latex or by radioallergosorbent test (RAST) assay. Patients with latex-induced anaphylaxis must avoid latex during surgical procedures and live in a latex-free environment.


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