Thursday, August 20, 2015

13 Reasons Why Doctors Can Never be the Ideal Boyfriend

13 Reasons Why Doctors Can Never be the Ideal Boyfriend

Women have so many images about the ideal boyfriend. Sweet, caring and fun are just some of those. But your dream-boyfriend image will probably shatter if you end up dating a doctor. Well not all, but most doctors can never be any girl's dream boyfriend. These reasons below will just prove our point better.

1. He will never have any free time, ever!

2. He will always have another woman in his life, apart from his mother. The nurse, of course.

3. Being in a profession that is anti-emotions, do not expect long and emotional conversations.

4. He will never, willingly, take you out for lunches. Obviously, he never recommends unhealthy food.

5. It is possible that his romantic lines will also talk about pills, x-rays, and tests.

6. He is already committed to his work, so commitment with you would be a...?

7. He will have more mood swings than you can never have or even imagine. Obviously, getting good and bad news on the same day can do that to him.

8. Not all your jokes will make him laugh. Come on, they are doctors, hence very intelligent!

9. It is possible that you might have to get an appointment to go on a date with him.

10. It is also possible that he will leave you in between the act, if he gets an emergency call from the hospital.

11. He can never be that oh-so-cool guy you ever wished.

12. It is possible that your room will be filled with files, folders and all those medical books.

13. His favourite accessory is probably his stethoscope and not that ring you gifted him.

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