Saturday, December 26, 2015

14-month-old baby in China suffers from a rare disease

A 14-month-old baby in China suffers from a rare disease that causes the fatty tissues of the body to become inflamed.

Known as Weber-Christian disease, the condition can cause the skin to die in the inflamed areas, become infected and leave behind sunken scars that ooze a yellowish discharge.

The case was highlighted by a STOMP (a journalism website for citizens) reader jl who came across an online report about the baby, named Yang Xin:

"Read online news about this 14-month-old infant with a rare disease known as Weber-Christian Disease, which involves inflammation of the fatty tissues.

"Blood supply can be cut off from the affected areas, and the skin can die, leaving a yellowish discharge.

"There is no known cause or cure to the disease.

"According to online articles, the baby and his parents are now at a hospital in Beijing.

"Latest reports today (21 Dec) have stated that he is not in a good condition.

"He is in pain and can only be comforted by his mother's embrace at times.

"If the condition worsens, Yang Xin might lose his life.

"It is probably best that everyone take note of this so they can take early action if they notice something amiss."

Weber-Christian disease is most commonly seen in women aged between 30-60 years, and usually affects their legs and thighs.
It is extremely rare in infants, according to medical websites. The disease is difficult to treat, and often results in permanent scars.


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