Friday, December 11, 2015

major reservoir for anaerobic organisms

Which of the following is a major reservoir for anaerobic organisms in the human body?

A. Duodenum
B. Female genital tract
C. Gallbladder
D. Lung
E. Prostate

The answer is B.
 The major reservoirs in the human body for anaerobic bacteria
are the mouth, lower gastrointestinal tract, skin, and female genital tract. Generally,
anaerobic infections occur proximal to these sites after the normal barrier (i.e., skin
or mucous membrane) is disrupted. Thus, common infections resulting from these organisms
are abdominal or lung abscess, periodontal infection, gynecologic infections such as
bacterial vaginosis, and deep tissue infection. Properly obtained cultures in these circumstances
generally grow a mixed population of anaerobes typical of the microenvironment
of the original reservoir.


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