Monday, January 4, 2016

Mcq Kidney Urinary tract

1. urinalysis shows RBC casts; likely source is
A. Kidney
B. Ureter
C. Bladder
D. Urethra

Ans is : A.kidney   (RBC casts are suggestive of glomerular( kidney) injury
Urinary casts are formed when proteins and other organic matter solidify in the renal tuule. The presence of casts in urine is indicative of disease of the nephron .

2.Most common pathological features in diabetes mellitus is
a, papillary necrosis
b. diffuse glomerulosclerosis
c. renal atherosclerosis
d. chronic pyelonephritis

ans: b. diffuse glomerulosclerosis
this is the most common lesion among option provided ; ref harsh mohan pathology


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