Sunday, March 6, 2016

Conjunctivitis is commonly associated with:-DrSudeepKC

Conjunctivitis is commonly associated with:

a. Hand-foot-and-mouth disease.
b. Fifth disease.
c. Rubeola (measles).
d. Mononucleosis.
e. Reye’s syndrome.

The answer is c. Viruses are the most frequent cause of conjunctivitis and adenovirus is the most frequent virus implicated. Other diseases may present with conjunctivitis as part of their clinical syndrome.

These include Kawasaki disease, measles (rubeola), and seasonal allergies. Measles, caused by a paramyxovirus, begins with a prodrome of gradually increasing fevers and URI symptoms (cough, coryza, conjunctivitis).

The prodrome is followed 2–4 days later with the appearance of a maculopapular rash that appears first on the head and spreads inferiorly to the trunk and extremities (including the palms and soles). Koplik spots, white papules on an erythematous base, on the buccal mucosa are pathognomonic.


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